Kenya Domestic Debt Workshop Report

A report of  The Regional Multi-Stakeholder Conference on Domestic Debt  Management.  Jointly organized by AFRICAN FORUM and NETWORK on DEBT and DEVELOPMENT (AFRODAD) and KENYA DEBT RELIEF NETWORK (KENDREN), November 2010


Aid Effectiveness Conference Report

The Reality of Aid Africa Network (RoA Africa) had conducted country based studies in a number of African countries. The purpose of these studies was to assess the extent to which the targets of the PD have been achieved since the adoption of the AAA within the framework of harmonisation, alignment and co- ordination. The studies were carried out in Benin, Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

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Confronting Crisis and War

The General Secretary of the Asian Pacific Research Network (APRN) welcomed the participants to the workshop. Most of the participants were quite familiar with each other having come back to back from another workshop on confronting climate change. This workshop was on the financial crisis facing the world today. The people’s response is RESIST which is the international people’s campaign to confront the global economic crisis resist fascism and imperialist wars and had partnered with IBON Africa, ILPS and KENDREN to make this a reality.


Debt Management and Development Process in Kenya 2009

According to the website of the Ministry of Finance in Kenya, Public Debt is Money or Money worth Government owes, it includes all levels of Government, central and Local Government (Kenya does not report on local government debt). It may include debt in respect of public corporations and agencies (contingent liabilities).It may also be defined as Tax Payers’ Debt since it is they who pay it. It may be local or domestic, foreign or external, short-term or long-term.


The Kenya we want input

The “Kenya We Want” conference organized by the Office of the Prime Minister of the Government of Kenya comes at a most opportune moment. Just about an year after the nation witnessed its worst post election conflagration, this presents an opportune moment to delve deeper into perspective and converse as a nation on whether actually our collective refrain, “never again” holds true and how do we move forward in seeking national cohesion, reconciliation, peaceful coexistence and a sustainable economic development for both the prosperity and posterity of our nation.


The State of Kenyas Debt Report

According to the Ministry of finance Kenya, website, a public debt is debt owed to both external and internal parties by Governments of independent countries. External Public Debt is debt owed to external creditors. These are; multilateral creditors for example IDA, ADB, WB, IMF and other IFI‘s...

Domestic Public Debt on the other hand is mainly debt owed to holders of Government securities such as Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds. In Kenya, Central Bank of Kenya issues domestic debt on behalf of the Government through the floating of the Treasury bills and Treasury bonds...


Critique of the Global Capitalism and its chains of Injustice: Challenges for Africa

Today, Africa is a tapestry of the exigencies of globalization. A site where, life sequences and livelihoods co-exist within contours of abundance and want.

Whereas this is mainly a function of Africa’s flawed integration to the global political and economic architecture; with over five hundred years of slavery and colonialism,2 it’s the attendant neo-colonial pursuits masked under the high sounding name of globalization that are ripping the social fabric of the African community at the seams.