Our Vision

Towards a free, just and equitable society

Our mission

To become the National platform for collective action committed to the total cancellation of Kenya’s public debt and its effective management and to empower the public on issues of economic justice and sustainable development through debate, advocacy and organizing


Struggling for a Kenya free from debt and poverty


Kenya Debt Relief Network (KENDREN) is a network of non-governmental and religious organizations, community based associations and individuals across the country concerned with the enormous debt burden in Kenya that continues to cripple development and efforts to improve the living standards of the country’s citizens.

The network was officially launched in 1999 with an emphasis to coordinate and facilitate civil society activities towards cancellation of the country’s debt in the light of the Jubilee 2000 campaigns worldwide.
At the time the network was formed, Kenya’s debt burden was a matter between the government and creditor nations and donors with no input at all from civil society organizations and the general public. The network thus sought to demystify and politicize the debt crisis in Kenya by involving interested stakeholders in debt cancellation campaigns and by proposing policies and mechanisms for its effective management before and after cancellation.

Since its inception, KENDREN has worked with debt campaigners from the global Jubilee movement, environmentalists, and other social and economic justice activists.  It uses the debt crisis afflicting Kenya and other countries in the South as an entry point to analyze social and economic injustices and to campaign for the resolution of problems that have their roots in the debt.


  • To be a platform for Kenyan’s to discuss the country’s debt burden and its impact on development
  • To facilitate research, lobbying and advocacy in order to empower the public, civil society and the private sector on issues of debt  and sustainable development
  • To formulate credible and sustainable economic and social policy  alternatives which reflect the needs of Kenyans
  • To build a national, regional and international coalition for social and economic justice

Core Activities

(i) Research and documentation

This enables KENDEN to explore and gain understanding of the current debt situation in the country and on contemporary debates on debt and sustainable development in order to support stakeholders in dialogue and policy actions from an informed position.

(ii) Lobbying and advocacy

This seeks to involve stakeholders in collective actions for social and economic justice based on dialogue, demonstrations, campaigns and public education materials

(iii) Networking

This seeks to develop national, regional and international support network and capacity on debt cancellation and on economic and social justice campaign.

Through networking, KENDREN draws experiences and competencies from established popular social justice organizations and campaigns.

Networking projects

KENDREN is a key member of the fledgling Kenya Economic Justice Coalition, a loose coalition geared towards collaborating social justice activities and campaigns in the country.

The Kenya Social Forum

KENDREN is a member of the Kenya Social Forum, a platform to strengthen people’s struggles against domination, exclusion, exploitation and oppression under the banner “Another Kenya is possible”

Kenya Social Forum is part of the World and African Social Forum, a global solidarity movement struggling for a just and equitable world.


KENDREN membership is open to all groups and individuals who ascribe to its mission and objectives. Membership subscription fee is Ksh 500.00 for organizations and Ksh 200.00 for individuals. Organisations are required to declare their intention to join the network by notifying the Executive Board through the secretariat. Approved Members constitute the General Assembly.

Membership benefits include;

  • Free / subsidized publications and other materials
  • Participation in seminars, workshops, conferences and network meetings

Organisational structure

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the network. It elects the Executive Board and gives direction to the network

The Board of Trustees

The  Board of Trustees of seven persons is the policy making organ of the network and is responsible for the overall governance of the organization. It is composed of a chair-person, Vice-chair-person, Secretary, Treasurer and three other committee members. The Coordinator of the Secretariat is the Secretary of the Board.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the administrative arm of the network headed by a Coordinator. It is responsible for implementing activities of the network.